NoodleTools automatically creates a correct Works Cited page for your research paper that complies with all of the rules detailed in the most current versions of the MLA Handbook and APA Publication Manual. NoodleTools takes care of punctuation, alphabetization and formatting, producing a polished Works Cited list that you can import directly into your Word document. 
It also helps you set up electronic notecards linked to each of your sources, which helps you to develop your ideas and to keep your notes organized and correctly sourced.  
Later, you can drag and drop your notes into a printable outline, creating a template upon which to build your research paper.
See the librarian to find out how to set up your free account and to access it from home.
Please note: The free NoodleTools account you can create from home does NOT contain all the features you will need!  These are only available in the full subscription version, which you can get only by creating your account from a Northern Highlands computer!  Once you create your account, you can use it from anywhere.