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Reminder that the following message was sent out earlier. Testing starts this upcoming Monday for those students who are interested.  

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

In an effort to bring a smooth conclusion to our school year, Northern Highlands has partnered with a COVID-19 testing organization by the name of Concentric. Concentric will be on campus two (2) times a week in order to provide all staff and students an opportunity to take saliva based PCR COVID-19 tests. Insurance is not required nor will individuals who participate in the testing receive any bills.  This is a cost free program to those interested.   

The testing will be available starting Monday, June 6 and will occur every Monday and Wednesday until June 22. Therefore, the dates will be: June 6, June 8, June 13, June 15, June 20, and June 22. The testing window for each date will be from 8am – 11am. The location will be room 100. Unfortunately, the testing is not available for parents or community members.

To sign up please follow the directions below. Please note that applications to test are only good for three (3) days from request, so no submission should be made more than three (3) days prior to the requested testing date. There is no limit to tests, so an individual may request testing on each of the dates noted above.


Students under 18

To sign up students under the age of 18 should go to:


Parent permission will be needed, so this should be done with parents present.


The District Access Code is: NHR001


*Please note that a parent portal can be created so that parents may also view the results of your child’s tests.


Students over 18

To sign up students over the age of 18 should go to:


The District Access Code is: NHR001



To sign up staff should go to:


The District Access Code is: NHR001