Festival Updates

  • Due to family health circumstances Mr. Nadal will not be able to attend the festival. This will result in a parsed down version of the showcase for this year. Films will be shown in the auditorium as planned but there will not be a red carpet broadcast event.  



    Broadcast live from the Red Carpet on NHTV.

    Allendale, NJ. Thursday, March 18th - For the first time in school history, students of the Studio 225 film production and Northern Highlands Television classes will join forces at the 2nd Annual Northern Highlands Advanced Film Festival in Allendale on Tuesday, June 14th at 4pm. 


    This is an event which will surprise even the most dedicated fans of the movies,” says teacher of TV Production and Film Mr. Justin Nadal. “What our students create in this program are well crafted films that illustrate hard work and true dedication to the medium of film and now with this year having it broadcast live, we not only hope to fill the venue with film fans, but share the work of both film and TV students here at  Northern Highlands and indeed around the world."


    The event, a showcase for students of the Advanced Film Production class and for outstanding films made in film courses throughout the year, is to be a Hollywood-style red carpet affair complete with gowns, tuxedos, paparazzi, a guest DJ and a live broadcast.  


    “This will be a true buzzworthy event that really gives students a venue and an audience for their hard work and dedication to the program and to their craft. The kids are really going to bring a special energy to it.” said Nadal.


    Students from the school's TV broadcasting program, NHTV, will cover the event and interview filmmakers and other guests in attendance before and after the main showcase. Local businesses have donated goods and services to the show, including ladies' gowns by Coats From Cullen, Tuxedos by Biltmore of Ridgewood and decorative arrangements by Allendale Florist.  

    The totally free Festival marks the culmination of more than a year of student work and development of filmmaking skills for upperclassmen in preparation for real world applications in the film industry. 

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