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Title 1 - Parents' Right-to-Know-1

TO: Parents/Guardians

FROM: Joseph J. Occhino

DATE: October 11, 2023

SUBJECT: Title I - Parents' Right-to-Know


Title I - Parents' Right-to-Know


Dear Parent/Guardian:


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act is our country's most important federal education law. In 2001 this law was reauthorized and called the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB). NCLB was designed to make changes in teaching and learning that will help increase academic achievement in our schools. The law is now called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which preserves the spirit of the NCLB.


The law requires that all schools receiving Title I funds must inform parents of their right to ask schools about the qualifications of their child's teachers. Our school receives Title I funding and we are happy to share this information with you at your request.


We believe that nothing is more important to your child's education at school than having a well-prepared and highly qualified teacher. The law requires that all teachers who teach in core content areas must meet a specific legal definition of "highly qualified" in order to teach in schools that receive Title I funding. The legal definition of a "highly qualified teacher" has three parts. It states that teachers must have the following:


  1. A four-year college degree
  2. A regular teaching certificate/license
  3. Proof of their knowledge in the subject they teach


We are extremely proud of the quality of the teaching staff in the Northern Highlands Regional High School District. All our regular teachers have college degrees and many have advanced degrees. Every teacher continues learning through professional development activities and our teachers are evaluated each year to make sure that their teaching skills remain at the highest possible level.


A highly qualified teacher knows what to teach, how to teach, and has a full understanding of the subject matter being taught. We believe that every teacher in our school is fully qualified and dedicated to teaching your child, and we will do everything possible to help our teachers who may have not met the legal definition required by the federal government.


I encourage you to support your child's education and communicate with your child's teacher(s) on a regular basis. For more information on ESSA, and the role of parents, please visit the United States Department of Education (USDE) Web site at


By partnering, families and educators can provide your child with the best education possible.




Joseph J. Occhino



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