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Morning Student Drop-Off

TO: Parents/Guardians

FROM: Joseph J. Occhino

DATE: October 2, 2023

SUBJECT: Morning Student Drop-Off



Dear Parents/Guardians:


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Over the past three years, we have noticed fewer students taking the bus to school and more parents dropping their children off at school. We are sure that there are a myriad of reasons that play a role in this. As a result, the amount of traffic in the staff and student lots adjacent to the back gym and fitness center has become a safety issue as many parents are looping around the lots and dropping students off on the side of the building rather than the front where we have security personnel directing traffic. 


To make student drop-off less stressful for parents and safer for students, we will not use traffic cones at the top of the West Maple extension to divert vehicles that are traveling in the right-hand lane toward the parking lots. The cones will be in a straight line so that vehicles that get caught in the right-hand lane can continue toward the front of the school.         


We believe that this minor modification coupled with the guidelines below will provide a safer and quicker drop-off at the beginning of the school day. Of course, having students take the bus in the morning would alleviate many of the issues we are experiencing. However, for those parents who drive their children to school, please note the following:  


  1. All students who are being dropped off at school by parents should be brought to the front of the school. As mentioned, we have security personnel directing traffic and it does move at a steady pace.
  2. When coming up West Maple Avenue and onto school grounds, staff and 12th-grade students should use the right-hand lane so that they can easily enter their respective parking lots.  
  3. Staff who park in the front lot and parents who are heading toward the front of the school should use the left-hand lane when entering campus from West Maple Avenue.   


Lastly, at dismissal, we also ask parents not to park along the curb near the new tennis courts or the curb when entering campus from Hillside Avenue. Parking in these locations does cause huge delays in vehicles entering and exiting our school.  


Please know that the Northern Highlands administration appreciates your cooperation. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 201-327-8700 ext. 502.



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