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HASA Newsletter Submission Deadlines and Publication Dates 2024-2025


Welcome Breakfast 9/13 9:00AM- 10:30AM

HASA Meeting- 9/18

Submission Solicitation email Date: September 9/ Submission September 16 Publication Date: September 30

HASA Meeting- 10/9

Submission Solicitation email Date: October 1/ Submission October 8 Publication Date: October 28

HASA Meeting- 11/6

Submission Solicitation email Date: November 4/ Submission November 11 Publication Date: November 25

Holiday Raffle 12/5 11:00AM- 1:00AM

Submission solicitation email Date: December 2/ Submission December 9 Publication Date: December 18

HASA Meeting- 1/8

Submission solicitation email Date: January 6/ Submission January 13 Publication Date: January 27

HASA Meeting- 2/5

Submission solicitation email Date: February 3/ Submission February 10 Publication Date: February 24

HASA Meeting- 3/12

Submission solicitation email Date: March 3/ Submission March 10 Publication Date: March 24

HASA Meeting- 4/9

Submission solicitation email Date: April 1/ Submission April 8 Publication Date: April 28

HASA Meeting- 5/7

Submission solicitation email Date: May 5/ Submission May 12 Publication Date: May 28

HASA Last Meeting of the Year- 6/4





Our keywords for submissions to the HASA Newsletter are unique, simple, and brief--U-S-B. Unique- We would like our Newsletter to have original, value added information. We would like to assist NHRHS-sanctioned parent, teacher, and student organizations to publicize events and information. The best way for us to do that is to publish a link directing readers to your materials published elsewhere. The NHRHS website has a section for parent groups, for example. Please post your documents there, and you can provide us with a link to publish in the HASA Newsletter. Simple- we are transitioning to a more streamlined Newsletter format. We would like all of the submissions to reflect this simplicity and ease of use. Brief-We hope to substantially shorten the newsletter by making use of links directing the readers to pre-existing documents wherever possible Submissions should be sent to Your submissions should have: articles in Word format no google doc links used working links to email or website--make sure your links work properly. pictures submitted separately in .jpg format, no duplication of material that exists on another website; just links to its use of conventional grammar and formatting. Finally, we reserve the right to abridge, re-format, modify, or decline submissions due to space or editorial concerns.