Week 31 - Week 39  (I revised this to reflect the Fling Room changes. The basic info is exactly the same.)
    I will be out of the building Monday, March 21.  If you have a physical project, you may bring in the actual object on Tuesday morning.  The text explaining the project should be included in what you submit to Turnitin.com.  
    Journal: What is my relationship with race?   DUE MARCH 21 BY 8 AM Remember -- you need only 1 entry for Heart of Darkness now.
    Click on this link to access the resources on race:
     Period 6 -- Here is the assignment for Monday, February 8.  This includes 2 sets of instructions  -- what to email me Monday by midnight and how to prepare for the in-class essay on Tuesday.
    Please stop by 217 before homeroom Tuesday morning to pick up your graded assignments. 
    If you want the poem assessment to count in the first "marking period," I will need this extra credit by 8 AM Monday morning, November 9.
    Just to be clear:  there are many online examples of analyses of Annie Dillard's essays. Please do not refer to these.  You should so your own, original explorations. Thank you 
    Make sure to use these guidelines, which I handed out in class.  As you recall, I added a few details re: word count, etc. 
    These are the basic guidelines. As you know, I added more details to the handout I gave out in class. 
     We will be back in 213 on Friday, May 22.
    The annotated Works Cited is due by Friday, May 22, regardless of your attendance.  

    The Works Cited page must include the following items for full credit:


    ·        MLA heading

    ·        Complex thesis 

    ·        Your 4 sources (1 books and 3 shorter works), formatted as a Works Cited document

    ·        A 3-4 sentence annotation of each source describing how you will use the source to support your thesis

    Extra Credit -- There's just the one poem.  Sorry about the confusion.  I noticed there are several analyses of the Mary Oliver poem online.
    750 words = major assignment grade.  250 words = minor assignment grade. You can find the poem online. 
    Due on Turnitin.com by 8AM Tuesday, April 28. No lates. 
    "Map" Wislawa Szymborska
    Analyze the speaker's relationship with the map and the ways in which the movement between the literal depictions of the map and the figurative language help to develop the meaning of the poem.

    Unit Objectives

    To define setting as it connects to meaning

    To understand how place and the journey to that place shapes identity

    The due dates for the Heart of Darkness essay have been posted on Turnitin.  The paper must be at least 1200 words, with no more than 80% of the essay presenting as quotes from the novella. Remember -- you are to consult NO sources for this essay -- it's to be all you.  The ending should be exciting and startling and forge connections to universal themes in meaningful and insightful ways. I will be paying extra attention to the conclusion. You will receive almost no credit for a simple summary of what you already had to say in the essay.
    Week 19 (January 12)
    This week we will need to finish up the gender presentations.  We'll do no more than 2 a day.
    The rest of the time we'll be working with some pieces that connect to the unit on work.  I will always ask you to identify meaning and those details that establish it.   First we'll share the set analyses you created for "Painting the Christmas Trees."  The next day we'll move on to "Ogun."  We'll finish up the week with "Letter from Birmingham Jail."
    Remember that Part I of The Sun Also Rises is due the first day we meet next week.  You'll be working in teams.  Have your notes ready so that you can fully contribute to the discussion.
    Week 18 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    On Monday I'll introduce the next unit: How does where we work and what we do there influence our lives? I'll introduce 2 poems on the theme.
    For the rest of the week, you'll present your gender journals to the class.
    The poem analyses are due at the beginning of the first class next week. The first section of The Sun Also Rises is due January 20.
    Please remember that the text of the gender journal you have been working on for the 2 weeks before the break is due by 11:59 PM on Monday, January 5, on Turnitin.  You must have an entry on the film Arranged, so if you missed it, you will have to view it over the break.  It's easily available online. 
    You must have at least 10 pages of text, double-spaced.  That's about 2500 words, or so, no fewer, since MS Word allows for about 300 per page.
    The actual journal itself, including the book format and other embellishments, will be due at the beginning of the following class.  Be prepared to share an entry and to lead a small discussion by asking a BIG question either at the end or the beginning of your reading. We will spend a few days sharing, depending on how long the discussions take.
    Our next mentor text is The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.  You might want to start this -- we read fast and furiously, as you know. Let me know if you want a copy before the break.  The best option is to purchase your own, though, so you can mark it up.
    We'll start our new unit Monday, January 5, and then you'll have time to read while we share our projects. 
    If you missed the last Socratic seminar on Revolutionary Road, you will be taking an modified in-class essay during the first class period after the break.  You will not be allowed to use your book. 
    Be prepared to share your responses to the 6 poems and 4 visual texts during a Socratic seminar Monday, December 8. All works are listed in last Friday's section in the Week 14 document. If you were absent, you can participate in the seminar if you can show evidence of your interaction with the works.  Otherwise, you will go to the library to complete the assignment.  
    November 17 (1:48 PM) NoodleTools has recovered.  The annotated WC page will be due (now) by 8 PM on November 18 (Tuesday). 
    November 16  (7:14 PM)  NoodleTools appears to be "broken."  I'll sort it out tomorrow with Ms. Goldberg.  Don't worry about the deadline for tonight.
    Interactive Congo Map
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