• Mary Florio
    Grading Policy
    Fairness Policy:  In order to be fair to all, I do not give extra credit unless I offer it to the entire class.  Please do not ask if you can do extra credit at the end of the semester so that you can earn extra points.  If you have a concern about a particular grade for an assignment, please speak to me in person about your concerns within two weeks of the Genesis entry.   I will be more than glad to talk to you about how to improve.  Please do not ask me to reassess an assignment for which you have already received a final grade. Thank you. 
    Conference Policy: I do not hold one-on-one conferences about a returned major assignment until you have had it in your possession for 24 hours and have had a chance to review my comments and form your own questions.  After that time, I will be more than glad to sit down with you to go over the test or essay.  Please plan to meet with me for at least 10-15 minutes.  Please let me know ahead of time if you are unable to attend.
    Homework for Senior English Seminar and AP English
    • The homework I assign is an essential part of the course.  Homework will reflect either work that will help us with the new daily lesson or work that requires you to practice skills necessary for success in class.
    • You will receive daily homework credit only for homework submitted on the day it is due. I will, of course, respond to any work that you give me and give it a grade if it is a graded assignment, but you will not receive daily homework credit for a missed assignment. Expect a penalty of up to 10 points a day. 
    Long-term Assignments and Other Graded Assignments -- Senior English Seminar and AP English
    • The grade for a late assignment in Senior English Seminar will decrease by up to 10 points a day, counting weekends, regardless of whether or not it's a holiday. Any day that you are in school will figure into the penalty. If you are in school the day an assignment is due, you must find a way to get the assignment to me if you leave early or arrive after your class has met.  If you miss class but not the day, you will not be excused from class assignments, etc. the day you return to class.  You may use email to submit late work.  If you don't hear back from me, that means I did NOT receive it.
    • The grade for a late assignment in AP English will decrease by 10 points on the first day and 50% on the second day, counting weekends.  You will not receive credit for major assignments that are more than two days late. I will expect a major assignment on the day it is due, regardless of whether you are in school or not, unless we have discussed any extenuating circumstances.
    • If you know you will have an extended absence, you must see me to set up a plan for completing assignments.  Otherwise, all work will be due upon your return if you expect to receive full credit. Deadlines for major assignments will remain in place, regardless, unless you have discussed extenuating circumstances with me beforehand.
    • Late assignments that cannot be submitted electronically should be delivered directly to me.  I will accept no responsibility for work slipped under my door or given to another person to give to me. 
    • All work should be ready to hand to me at the beginning of class. Please don't ask if you can print out a paper.
    • I will expect a handwritten copy of an assignment, or other proof of intent, in the event of a computer malfunction.  At some point, you will have to submit this work to Turnitin. If you can't print it out, email it to me.
    • All assignments will be posted on Schoolwires.  I reserve the right to revise assignment deadlines during class, however.
    • In order to receive full credit for an assignment, it must be posted on the Turnitin site by the posted deadline.  Any work not posted by the established deadline will receive a 0. 
    AP English
    Minor Assessments  25%
    Major Assessments  75%
    Senior English Seminar
    Minor Assessments  40%
    Major Assessments  60% 
    Foundations of Literacy and Technology
    Please see the syllabus on the FLT page for this detailed information. 



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