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The Special Services Department at Northern Highlands Regional High School is a multi-disciplinary team committed to meeting the individual needs of all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.  The Child Study Team comprised of a Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, and two Social Workers conducts evaluations, case manages, and performs a wide range of individual and group services.

It is the goal of the Special Services staff to provide support and accommodations for those students with significant disabilities that impact their education to achieve their highest potential.

“Child Find”

For Pupils Ages 14 - 21

Special programs for young adults, ages 14 through 21, are conducted at Northern Highlands Regional High School for those who have an identified disabling condition and/or a measurable developmental delay in physical, social, communicational, and/or emotional areas, and who may require and would benefit from special education and related services.  Eligibility for these services is determined by a Child Study Team evaluation of the child.  Any resident who has a child, ages 14 through 21 years, who may require special services, should contact the Office of Special Services of the Northern Highlands Regional High School at 201-327-8700, ext 520.  Project “Child Find” serves special needs children from birth to 21 years of age.

For those students who suffer from a less-disabling condition, but who manifest a “substantial limitation”, that is either physical, emotional, neurological, or cognitive, 504 services are available.  For more information, contact the Guidance Department at extension 530.

Special Education Advisory Group

Providing Additional or Compensatory Special Education and Related Services to Students with Disabilities