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Research Tools by Subject

General Reference

Unfamiliar topic? Person? Country? Word? This is the perfect place to begin any search.

Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers

Find articles on any subject from magazines, journals and newspapers in the U.S. and throughout the world.

History and Social Studies

Databases of information about United States and World History, plus all the social sciences.

Literature and Language

Learn about authors, books, and the English language.

Science and Health

Articles, charts, diagrams on a wide range of topics to help you with your homework or research.

World Languages

Explore other countries and cultures.


Find articles about art and artists from various periods and regions of the world, plus digital images of thousands of works of art.


Information about composers, forms, periods, and styles of music, from ancient times to the present day, plus sound files.

Business, Economics and Careers

Company information, business and economics articles, and everything you need to find up-to-date career information.

For Teachers

Tools for lessons or for your own research.


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