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Research Tools by Name

Amazing Databases & Websites!

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)


African-American History Online (F.O.F.)

Literature Criticism Online 

AHFS Medication Information

Literature Reference Center (EBSCO)

American History Online (F.O.F.)

Literary Reference Online (Bloom’s F.O.F.)

American Indian History Online (F.O.F.)

Modern World History Online (F.O.F.)

American Women's History Online (F.O.F.)

National Newspapers (Proquest)

Ancient and Medieval History Online (F.O.F.)

 Newspaper Source  (EBSCO)

Biography in Context


Business Source Premier (EBSCO)


CIA World Factbook

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Curriculum Resource Center (F.O.F)

Opposing Viewpoints

ERIC through EBSCOhost Web

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Facts on File/Infobase Learning

Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO)

Explora EBSCO databases with a graphical interface

PowerSearch Searches in all Gale databases simultaneously

Ferguson Career Guidance

Professional Development Collection (EBSCO)

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Referencia Latina

Global Issues in Context

Science Online-F.O.F.

Google Art Project

Science in Context  

GreenFile (EBSCO)

Science Reference Center (EBSCO)

Health Reference Center

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Health Source-Consumer Edition (EBSCO)


Historical New York Times

U.S. History in Context

History Reference Center (EBSCO)

World Geography and Culture Online

Informe (in Spanish)

World History in Context


School Access

Click on these links to go directly to the databases. You do not need a password when using them from school.

Home Access

To access these resources from home, you need a username and password. See the librarian to obtain one. Hint: the username and password are the same for all of these, so if you can get into one database, you can get into any of them.


If you have any trouble accessing these resources from school or from home, please tell the librarian as soon as possible.