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Travel Abroad (CIEE)

Northern Highlands Regional High School
Career & Academic Pathways - Travel Abroad (CIEE)


We are excited to announce a new partnership with The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), which is a study abroad program. This program will allow our students (grades 9-12) to study abroad, earn college credit, and receive 50 community service hours.

CIEE is the longest running study abroad program in the US and has broad applications across the Northern Highlands curriculum. CIEE, a nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization, provides students an opportunity to focus on either world language (French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, Italian, Mandarin, or Japanese) or various thematic programs (STEM, Arts, Business, or Social Change). Students who participate in one of the language immersion programs can elect to receive four college credits from Tulane University ($150 transcript fee).  Programs are 3 to 4 weeks long and are held at CIEE Study Centers. Seniors are eligible to apply for merit scholarships, while freshman, sophomores, and juniors are eligible for both merit as well as financial need scholarships (10%-100% of tuition).  CIEE also offers STAMP testing and issues Global Seals of Biliteracy for students who qualify. Additionally, students may earn up to 50 community service credits for their experiences.

Please watch our CIEE Webinar for more information! You may also visit the CIEE High School Study Abroad Homepage