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Success 101 (Bergen Community College)

Northern Highlands Regional High School

Career & Academic Pathways - Honors Success 101

(Bergen Community College)



Students in grade 12 may participate in this program. Applications are due 4/1 for the fall semester (this course is only offered during the fall).

Honors Success 101 is a one-semester, dual enrollment course through Bergen Community College (BCC), which is designed to help students achieve success in college and beyond. The course will focus on the strategies, habits, and values necessary for students to take charge of their own academic and personal growth. Emphasis will be placed on the college application process, self-assessment, goal setting, written and oral communication skills, critical thinking, self-management, and study strategies. This course will be weighted as an Honors course. Students can earn up to 3 college credits after completing the BCC registration.

Prerequisite: Students need to be recommended for this college-level course. Prior administrative approval by the Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor, Director of School Counseling, and Principal must be obtained before enrolling in this course.