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Senior Internship Program

Northern Highlands Regional High School

Career & Academic Pathways - Senior Internship Program



Students in grade 12 may participate in this program. Applications are due 2/1 for fall, spring, and summer semesters.

The Senior Internship provides eligible rising seniors and current seniors students with an opportunity to engage in experiential learning outside of the traditional classroom environment.  Through this in-depth internship, students will gain real-world experiences that are meaningful and relevant. To advance student learning, internship placements will be based on personal interests, aspirations, and potential career paths. Through this individualized learning opportunity, students will gain valuable interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that are critical components of college and career readiness. Students who complete the internship requirements will obtain credit for participating in a full year, half year or summer internship. The internship program will be capped at 30 students per semester.

The internship must be school approved and meet the guidelines consistent with the New Jersey Department of Education Administrative code, N.J.A.C. 6A:19-6:4, Work-based Learning Experiences. It is the responsibility of the student to provide transportation to and from the internship site. Any costs, fees, and materials will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The Board of Education will not assume any responsibility for any fees associated with this program.

Internship Duration:

  • Summer: up to 3 credits will be awarded based on the total number of internship hours.
  • Fall Semester: up to 7.5 credits will be awarded based on total number of internship hours.
  • Spring Semester: up to 7.5 credits will be awarded based on total number of internship hours.
  • Full Year (Fall and Spring): up to 15 credits will be awarded based on total number of internship hours.
  • After-school credits will be awarded based on number of hours completed and limited due to workplace hours.

* Students can opt to take a combination of these internship durations.


  • Students must complete an application by 2/1. Submission of an application does not constitute acceptance into the program.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and en route to meet graduation requirements.
  • Students must have no discipline infractions on file and possess a good attendance record.
  • Students must provide a resume and interview with the Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor.
  • Students must be mature, conscientious, responsible, and express a keen desire to participate.

Internship Opportunities:  

Internship placements will be based on student interest, aspirations, and potential career paths. The Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor will assist students in finding appropriate placements in the following fields, such as (but not limited to): technology, medicine and health, business, hotel and restaurant, law, marketing, fashion, agricultural and food, parks and recreation, the arts, government and nonprofit organizations. Please note that we cannot guarantee placements in certain fields (e.g, engineering, finance), as many only available to college students (usually during their junior year). 

Internship Meetings:  

Students will be required to attend an initial internship meeting led by the Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor at the beginning of the program.  The Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor will discuss the overall guidelines of the program, professional expectations, the evaluation and reflection process, and students will gain an understanding of the NJSLS Career Ready Practices. Additional meetings will be held periodically over the course of the internship. This conferences are considered assessments and factored into one's overall grade. 

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Log of Internship Hours/Timesheets
  • Digital Internship Portfolio (i.e. reflections, artifacts, interviews)
  • Attendance and Participation at Internship Meetings
  • Site Visit Evaluations (Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor and On-Site Professional)

Course Request for Senior Internship