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Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Northern Highlands Regional High School

Career & Academic Pathways - Electrical Apprenticeship Program/Interim Credentials (Electrical Training Alliance)



Students in grades 11-12 may participate in this program. As this is a full-year course, applications are due 4/1 for fall semester.

Through a unique program called Interim Credentials, students in grades 11 and 12 can take five courses completely online, which would fulfill the first year of an electrical apprenticeship after graduation. In a gamified learning environment, students will complete the following units: Constructing Your Future, Electrical Job Information, Applied Codeology Based on the 2023 National Electrical Code, Electrical Theory I/Direct Current, and Construction Drawings.

Each student enrolled in this program will work with the Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor and/or a faculty mentor to oversee course progress. Throughout the course, there will be ongoing communications between the instructor and student, as well as regular interaction for purposes of teaching, evaluating, and providing assistance. 

In addition to Northern Highlands, ten other schools nationally are partnering with Electrical Training Alliance to offer students the opportunity to learn a skilled trade in a safe environment. Any costs incurred as a result of this program will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The Board of Education will not assume any responsibility for any fees associated with this program.

Prerequisite: Prior administrative approval by the Career & Academic Pathways Coordinator, Department Supervisor, Director of School Counseling, and Principal must be obtained before enrolling in this program. A grade of “80” or higher in Algebra II is strongly recommended.

To apply, please fill out our Course Request for Advancement/Enrichment.