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Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Northern Highlands Regional High School
Career & Academic Pathways: Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Course Description:

Through a unique program called Interim Credentials. students can take five courses completely online, which would fulfill the first year of an electrical apprenticeship after graduation. In a gamified learning environment, students learn about DC Theory, Blueprints, Codes and Safety, and Job Opportunities. In addition to Northern Highlands, ten other schools nationally are partnering with NECA/IBEW to offer students this opportunity to learn a skilled trade in a safe environment. Any costs incurred as a result of this program will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The Board of Education will not assume any responsibility for any fees associated with this program.

Prerequisite: Prior administrative approval by the Career & Academic Pathways Coordinator, Department Supervisor, Director of School Counseling, and Principal must be obtained before enrolling in this program. A grade of “80” or higher in Algebra II is strongly recommended. To apply, please fill out our Course Request for Advancement/Enrichment.