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Community Service and Volunteering

Northern Highlands Regional High School
Career & Academic Pathways: Community Service and Volunteering



Students in grades 9-12 may participate in this program each academic year. Applications open 7/1 and close 6/15.  Please note that any applications submitted after 6/15 will not be accepted.

Congratulations on your decision to volunteer and join the nearly 1.5 million volunteers currently helping to make the Garden State a great place to live and work. New Jersey’s volunteers fulfill unique and important roles in their service throughout the state. They take the initiative to respond in crisis situations, mentor and tutor children with educational needs, and are an essential part of the quality of care in the health field. Whether working as individuals or in teams, volunteers demonstrate compassion in action and truly make a difference.

Students must complete a minimum of 28 hours in order to earn 1.25 credits  and a grade (Pass/Fail) each academic year. Students may earn a maximum of 5 credits over 4 years, and these may be used as elective credits. As students receive academic credit and a grade for community service, student initiative is part of the overall grade. Applications submitted by parents/guardians will not be accepted per our Academic Integrity guidelines. 
Students may find numerous opportunties (over 200!) on a cloud-based  volunteer management app named VOMO. In order to receive credit, students must log hours through the VOMO app AND complete the last two pages of our application (link is below) in order for us to enter your grade and credit on your transcript.
If you need assistance with the VOMO app, please contact Mrs. Weiss at or stop by our office in room 111. 


CAP Community Service Application and Information