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Advancement and Enrichment

Northern Highlands Regional High School

Career & Academic Pathways - Online and/or Seated Courses for Advancement and Enrichment


This option may be used by students in grades 10-12 for courses that are not running concurrently, as a means of advancement and/or enrichment. Courses must align with our curriculum. If the course results in an assessed letter grade, a numerical grade will be awarded based on the NH grading scale. If credits count toward graduation requirements, the grade will be included in GPA. Otherwise, the course will be graded as Pass/Fail. If applicable, all AP courses designated as College Board approved will be weighted accordingly. Any other college-level online/seated/hybrid class will be weighted as Honors level.

Applications are due 4/1 for fall semester, 12/1 for spring semester, and 4/1 for summer semester.

Course Request for Advancement/Enrichment