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Quad Districts


The Quad Districts

Comprised of four school districts, Allendale, Ho-Ho-Kus, Northern Highlands, and Upper Saddle River, "The Quad" represents all four school districts.  This mutual effort involves the cooperation of four Boards of Education, four superintendents, seven principals, and more than 400 teachers. It is important to note the Quad relies heavily on the cooperation of the teaching staff and the school communities. Their enduring professionalism and commitment to producing high-quality curricula are truly appreciated. This work is meant to promote and support articulation among the quad-districts. Curricula are developed at regional articulation meetings by building grade level representatives and at meetings in each district. Special attention is paid to key transition points between schools, especially middle schools and high school. There are many benefits to this type of collaboration, but a sharp focus on enhancing student learning remains our foremost priority. By collaborating with one another and researching model programs, we are able to construct progressive curricula that reflect national best practices.

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Last Modified on September 29, 2022