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Section 3000

Section 3000- Teaching Staff

3111- Creating Positions

3112- Abolishing Positions 

3124- Employment Contract

3125- Employment of Teaching Staff Members

3125.1- Tenure 

3125.2- Employment of Substitute Teachers

3126- District Mentoring Program

3130- Assignment of Transfer 

3131- Outside Employment as Athletic Coach

3134- Assignment of Additional Duties 

3141- Resignation

3142- Nonrenewal of a Nontenured Teaching Staff Member 

3143- Dismissal 

3144- Certification of Tenure Charges

3144.3- Suspension Upon Certification of Tenure Charges 

3144.12- Certification of Tenure Charges- Inefficiency  

3146- Conduct of Reduction in Force 

3150- Discipline 

3152- Witholding an Incriment 

3159 Teaching Staff Reporting Responsibilities

3160- Physical Examination

3161- Examination for Cause

3211- Code of Ethics 

3211.01- BOE members and Administrators Contracting with School Staff Members for Private Work 

3211.3- Consulting Outside the District 

3212- Attendance 

3214- Conflict of Interest 

3216- Dress and Grooming

3217- Use of Corporal Punishment 

3212- Attendance

3218 Use, Possession or Distribution of Substances

3221- Evaluation of Teachers

3222- Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members Excluding Teachers and Administrators

3223- Evaluation of Administrators Excluding Principals, Vice Principals and Assistant Principals

3224- Evaluation of Principals, Vice Principals and Assistant Principals

3230- Outside Activities 

3232- Tutoring Services 

3233- Political Activities

3240- Professional Development for Teachers and School Leaders

3245- research Projects by Staff Members 

3270 Professional Responsibilities

3280- Liability of Pupil Welfare 

3281- Inappropriate Staff Conduct 

3282- Use of Social Networking Sites 

3283- Electronic Communication Between Teaching Staff and Students 

3310- Academic Freedom

3321- Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources by Teaching Staff Members

3322- Staff Member's Use of Cellular Telephones 

3324- Right's of Privacy 

3351- Healthy Workplace Environment 

3361- Sexual Harassment 

3362- Anti Harassment 

3370- Teaching staff Member Tenure 

3372- Teaching staff member Tenure Acquisition 

3373-Tenure Upon Transfer or Promotion 

3374- Tenure Upon Transfer to an Underperforming School 

3425.1- Modified Duty Early Return to Work Program - Teaching Staff Members     

3437- Military Leave

3439- Jury Duty

3421.13- Postnatal Accomodations

3440- Travel Expenses 3522- Negotiations