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Board Committees

  • Communications Committee
    Discusses means to improve district communications, including district website and newsletter.
    Chair: Rachel Milston
    Members: Christine Ferrarie, Lisa Halperin, Maggie Liljegren, Suzanne Warzala


  • Curriculum Committee
    Reviews current instructional materials, courses, and programs.
    Chair: Lisa Halperin
    Members: Christine Ferrarie, Rachel Milston, Andrew Prince, Sheila Yallowitz


  • Finance & Facilities Committee
    Discusses issues related to funding of the district and yearly budget.
    Chair: Jim Mulvey
    Members: Christine Ferrarie, Sheila Yallowitz, Suzanne Warzala


  • Negotiations Committee
    Responsible for negotiating contracts with all personnel.
    Chair: Christine Ferrarie
    Members: Lisa Halperin, Sheila Yallowitz 


  • Personnel Committee
    Reviews all matters relating to current personnel.
    Chair: Sheila Yallowitz
    Members: Christine Ferrarie, Lisa Halperin, Rachel Milston


  • Policy Committee
    Reviews and revises district policies.
    Chair: Maggie Liljegren
    Members:  Rachel Milston, Jim Mulvey, Andrew Prince, Suzanne Warzala


  • Student Activities Committee
    Reviews all current student activities, including sports, clubs, theater, and music.
    Chair: Andrew Prince
    Members: Maggie Liljegren, Jim Mulvey, Gail Trumbetti


  • 2023 Liaisons
  • HASA: Maggie Liljegren (back up - Christine Ferarie)

  • MPAA: Rachel Milston (back up - Lisa Halperin)

  • Sports Association: Andrew Prince 9back up - Jim Mulvey)

  • Project Graduation: Jim Mulvey

  • Bergen County School Boards: Lisa Halperin (back up - Rachel)

  • Scholarship Foundation: Gail Trumbetti (shadow - Jim)

  • Legislation: 

  • NJSBA Delegate: Lisa Halperin (back up - Jim)


        Ad hoc Committees for 2023

        Referendum: Andrew Prince (Chair), Christine Ferrarie, Lisa Halperin, Rachel Milston, Jim Mulvey

        New Member Handbook: Sheila Yallowitz (Chair), Christine Ferrarie, Lisa Halperin, Maggie Liljegren, Rachel Milston