• Honors Geometry
    Contact Info
    Mr. Quinn
    201-327-8700 x 707
    Materials Necessary for Honors Geometry
    3 Ring Binder
    Graphing Calculator 
    Required Calculator for Honors Geometry
    We will be utilizing calculators during ALL lessons in Honors Geometry. The following are acceptable calculators for use.
    • TI NSpire with CAS( not allowed on ACT) If buying a new calculator for this class, I would recommend a TI NSpire WITH CAS
    • TI NSpire without CAS(allowed on ACT) I would NOT purchase this calculator but if you already have one it can be used throughout the course.
    • TI 89( not allowed on ACT)
    • TI 84 
    • TI 83 
Last Modified on August 16, 2022