• Mr. Albanese's woodworking classes stress woodworking fundamentals along with the students ability to be creative in his or her project design. All projects constructed in all 3 levels are pieces of furniture that are useful both inside and outside the house. There are a variety of projects ranging from cutting boards, birdhouses, tables, cabinets, chairs, shelves and lamps . The 3 courses that are offered are Basic Woods, Design Woods, And Project Woods.The school will supply most materials need to construct your projects (wood, screws, glue, stains and polish) The school does not supply certain stains, paint, glass and tiles for table tops, and hinges.                                      
                          All my levels are project based. Classes are all hands on with lectures in the beginning of class. Most lecturing will take place in the beginning of the school year when all safety, tools, machines are explained. Proper class procedures, expectations and grading are also explained. Safety which is my main concern and should be the student's will be incorporated into each lecture. Students work at their pace and not compared to other classmates. Basic woodworking , our 1st course will concentrate on smaller type projects where students get to use most of equipment in the shop. Although the projects are on a small scale (cutting boards,lamps,tables, shelves) the procedures learned in basic woods will be the foundation needed to continue into project and design woods.


Last Modified on August 17, 2017