The members of the Northern Highlands community--students, faculty, administration, staff, parents, and other community members--will:
    1. Provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment dedicated to human development.
    2. Use shared decision-making to create a harmonious environment.
    3. Create a community committed to academic excellence and the highest ethical standards.
    4. Care about all individuals of our community, their growth and development, their ideas and aspirations.
    5. Create an administration that efficiently and effectively serves the needs of students and faculty with the best interests of the school in mind.
    6. Foster a highly motivated and innovative staff that inspires students to discover and perpetuate the joy of learning.
    7. Involve parents, community, and businesses in the educational process.
    8. Perpetually evaluate and adjust the educational process to ensure its relevance to current and future needs.
    9. Incorporate conceptual and technological advances both as the object of learning and as tools to facilitate learning.
    10. Provide appropriate facilities, materials, equipment, and time for effective learning and teaching.
    11. Emphasize the importance of physical and mental well-being by creating an environment that encourages healthy choices and positive self-esteem.
    12. Encourage students to appreciate and contribute to our culturally diverse society.
    13. Provide an intellectual and cultural environment that is optimal for learning, creativity, and independent thinking.
    14. Enable all students not only to master a common core of knowledge and skills, but also to use that knowledge creatively to solve real-life problems.
    15. Promote pride in ourselves and our community, and foster school spirit.