• Referendum 2022

  • Welcome to the
    Northern Highlands Regional High School
    Referendum Resource Page

  • The Northern Highlands Regional School District is requesting funding for a Facilities  Renovation Program that would include VARIOUS CAPITAL PROJECTS INCLUDING CLASSROOM & ATHLETIC RENOVATION PROJECTS, via a targeted Referendum Vote on March 8, 2022.


    WHY NOW?

    » Current interest rates are still very reasonable but won't stay there forever.

    » The impact of a 2% TAX LEVY CAP makes it difficult to make substanital upgrades AND significantly improve our learning environments within the operating budget.

    » Current Debt Service payments will be ending next year. This will offset the new debt being assumed under the targeted March 2022 Referendum.

    » By allowing the school District to finance these substantial facilities improvements over many years, the COST IS SPREAD OVER MANY GENERATIONS who will use the facilities.

  • Much of what the District is addressing, focus on Enhanced Learning Environments and Keeping Up-to-Date with Operations.



    » Educational Programs drive the need to update facilities.

    » The School Community believes that the students deserve facilities that support the academic, social, emotional, wellness and creative opportunities available to them.



    » So much of what keeps school/facilities running smoothly is the condition of the systems and infrastructure “behind the scenes.” The flooring, ceilings, lighting, tech network, and equipment are at the core of keeping a building running. Although they go unnoticed in day to day use, it is crucial to keep these systems in good condition.

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