• Mr. Patel

    Applied Technology Department


    ext. 756

     Room 300

      "If you are not enjoying the process, you will not appreciate the outcome"






    • Regular Pencil

    • Charged Stylus 

    • Charged or USB-C Computer Mouse (you must have your own mouse or you will not be able to complete CAD assignments, I will not help you if you do not have your own mouse.* 

    • AutoCAD software updated and working*

    • Google Drive 

    • Tablet Computer with Charger


    *Please check and have these items ready before September 16th. 


    Extra Help:  

    Wednesday: 7-7:30 in room 300

    Monday, Thursday & Friday: 7-&7:30 In the Library



    Assignment Submission and Due Dates:

    Due dates and Times are posted on Canvas. Please double check your files before submitting, incorrect submissions will be marked late. 

    1) If you are absent, please email me and let me know the date and time of when you will complete make up work--I will make a special canvas submission time for you. 
    2) If you need extra help please email when you're coming for help and when you'll be able to finish the assignment by. --I will make a special canvas submission time for you.

    If you get lower than 60% on an assignment, you can redo it once for a maximum regrade of 90%. You may do this only 1 week after the last assignment or assessment in a module is due.