• Mr. Patel

    Applied Technology Department


     Room 300

      "Experience is a valuable teacher, because he gives the test first the lesson after."






    • Regular Pencil

    • Charged Stylus 

    • Charged or USB-C Computer Mouse (you must have your own mouse or you will not be able to complete CAD assignments, I will not help you if you do not have your own mouse.) 

    • AutoCAD software updated and working

    • Google Drive 

    • Tablet Computer with Charger


    Optional but encouraged: 

    • Bring your own safety glasses on lab days
    • Thin Work Gloves Like these-  they must be like these or with the same material specifications. DO NOT BRING IN LEATHER or THICK GLOVES--they are counter effcient to our safety needs.  



    Extra Help 

    2-3pm during HELP. Additional times are usually available from 3-4:30. Please send me an email or google calendar appointment request that you need extra help and the approximate amount of time needed. (i.e. 15 min, 30 mins)




    Assignment Submission and Due Dates:

    Due dates are posted on Canvas . Inform me of difficult or special circumstances. If you get lower than 60% on an assignment you can redo it once for a maximum regrade of 90%. 






     Northern Highlands Fencing Team: