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    Supplies for 2017-2018:
                            Honors Chemistry:  
    For the upcoming year you will need your usual array of writing implements,
    and other school tools. Aside from that you will also need a 3 ring binder specific to chemistry!
    A graphing/scientific calculator and a great sense of humor wouldn't hurt Either.
                          AP Environmental Science:
    For the year you will need your normal AP tools such as highlighters, pens, pencils,
    lots of extra time, a willingness to learn, the idea that we can save our planet,
    and a genuine interest in the idea that we can stop all the words problems through the education of people.
    Besides this you will also need a notebook specifically for my class and use of your school Gmail.
     ** If you haven't received your textbook and summer assignment yet, please contact me or Ms. Cohen to get one before school starts **
    Extra help available Monday - Friday before and after school:
    Check extra help page for time and location
Last Modified on June 21, 2017