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    Ms. Kimberly Hayes

    Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor

    (O): 201-327-8700 x544 

    (M): 201-364-1038

    (F): 201-327-2161



    Mr. Thomas Walsh

    Career & Academic Pathways Work-based Learning Mentor

    (O): 201-327-8700 x508 

    (F): 201-327-2161



    Mrs. Tara Weiss

    Career & Academic Pathways Assistant

    (O): 201-327-8700 x540 

    (F): 201-327-2161



    The Career & Academic Pathways program provides real-world experiences that are meaningful and relevant. It allows students to obtain both college and high school credit for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment.


    "The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do,

    and then do it."

    -Henry Ford