The Board of Education does not carry additional insurance coverage for interscholastic athletics against accidental injury.  We urge you to consider the supplemental insurance offered by Bollinger, Inc. as detailed in your August packet.  There are two ways to obtain this coverage:

    1. You can complete an online form to purchase coverage at www.Bollingerschools.com once school opens in September.
    2. Download a PDF of the Bollinger Insurance Form (Zurich American Insurance Company) here and mail directly to Bollinger.

    All purchased policies become effective when school opens.

    Please Note:  If you should purchase this additional insurance, it is a primary policy for student accident and injury ONLY and does not cover wellness or sickness.  Please be advised that all football injuries/accidents are specifically excluded from coverage.  Coverage specifics should be obtained from Bollinger directly as while this coverage is very broad, there are restrictions, limitations and exclusions in this policy.  In many situations, medical bills may not be covered in full.  Parents should understand that medical expenses are their responsibility, not that of the school district.

    In order to file an insurance claim, an accident report must be filed by the coach.  After the accident report is received, claim forms will be mailed to you by the School Nurse.  IT IS THE PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO COLLECT ALL MEDICAL BILLS AND SUBMIT THEM.  Questions regarding policy coverage or about specific claims can best be answered by Bollinger Inc. (866-267-0092).

    For Bollinger Health Insurance (Optional), please click on the following link: