• From Principal      

    TO: Parents/Guardians/Students

    FROM: Joseph J. Occhino

    DATE:  September 10, 2019

    SUBJECT: 2019-2020 Revised Annual School Calendar

    LINKS: (1)  Revised 2019-2020 Annual School Calendar

    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


    Recently, we received information from the College Board that Advanced Placement (AP) exam make-ups are scheduled for May 21-22, 2020.  These dates conflicted with the two reserved days that we built in to our 2019-2020 Annual School Calendar.  To be certain that our students are able to sit for an AP make-up exam (if necessary), we revised our school calendar. 


    Please note the reserved days that were originally scheduled for May 21 and May 22 have been rescheduled to May 27 and June 17, respectively.


    Below, please find a link to our newly approved calendar for the 2019-2020 school year, which was approved by our Board of Education.

    Revised 2019-2020 Annual School Calendar


    Thank you.

Last Modified on September 10, 2019