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    Text Book

    GeoPhysics and Astronomy Syllabus


    Physics is the science through which we understand the world around us.  Its basis is the simplest possible rules that describe and predict the behavior of the matter and energy that surrounds us.



    What you will need in class

    1.      Notebook.  A 3 ring binder is best.

    2.      Something to write with.

    3.      A calculator (bring everyday)

    4.      The TEXT BOOK is always available on Mr. Clifton’s school web site.

    5.      There is a set of books for use in class.  They never leave room 307.



    Procedures for class periods


    Arrive on time.

    Get your notebook, pen, and any other classwork you may need from your bag.

    Place your bags on the self or in the cubbies between the class doors.

    Take your stuff and sit in your seat and wait for class to begin.

    If you are not in your seat when the bell rings you are late.


    Once class begins, do not get out of your seat unless I give you permission.


    To use the pass, raise your hand and ask.  Do not get up first.  If the pass is out, wait for the person to come back, don’t wait by the door.


    The office between 307 and 309 is off limits to students.  If you need to retrieve something from the printer, let me know and I will allow you to go back there.  Otherwise, you never go back there.


    Do not wait by the door for class to end.  Stay in your seats until the bell rings.




    Cell Phones


    School policy is that your phone should be turned off and in your locker during the day.

    If I see your phone during class time will take it.  You will get it back at the end of the day.

    If I have to take your phone more than once, I will give it to Assistant Principle Koth and you can get it back from him.



    What is expected of you in class

    Respect is the most important thing you can bring with you to class.  You should respect the teacher, your classmates, and all physical property in the room. 

    You deserve as much respect as you show to others.

    Self-discipline is the key to your success.  This doesn’t just mean your classroom behavior, it also means:

    1.      Getting to class on time

    2.      Bringing everything with you that you need for that class (being prepared)

    3.      Scheduling your time outside of class so that you can accomplish everything that is expected of you (classwork, sports, jobs) on time


    You are responsible for your own behavior.  Pointing a finger and saying that someone else made you do it is no excuse.



    Other expectations:

    1.      Good behavior is always expected

    2.      The class should be a conversation between the class and the teacher.  Other conversation should be kept to a minimum.

    3.      The only drink you are allowed to have in class is bottled water.





    I will always be looking for plagiarism.  Labs will be compare to one-another.  Project papers will be submitted through turnitin.com which checks all papers against each other as well as other web sites, such as Wikipedia.  If something is copied, it will find it.


    Any labs or projects that have been copied will receive a grade of 0 and a phone call home will be made.




    What you can expect of me

    Your grade will be calculated as follows:


    Tests              100 points each (about 3 per semester)

    Quizzes          20 - 40 points each (about 3 per semester)

    Homework     5 - 20 points each (once per week)



    Labs                50 points each (about 2 per semester)

    Short Labs      10 - 30 points each (about 10 per semester)



    Your average will be calculated by dividing total points earned by total points possible.





    Extra help

    Extra help is available every day after school, except for the days that I have meetings.  You should come as soon as you feel you need the help.  Don’t wait until right before a test.  Help is most effective when the material and your questions are still fresh in your mind.


    If you need help with organization of your notebook or classwork, come see me as well.  I am an organized person and can help you develop a system that works for you.


    As you enter high school, demands on your time will increase.  Classes give more homework and outside activities become more serious.  If you need advice about how to schedule your time so that you can complete your work, come see me.


    Try to let me know during the day if you plan to come for afterschool help.

    I will either be in room 307, or in the office between 307 and 309.




    When homework is assigned, it is to be turned in at the beginning of the class on the day it is due.  Each day that any work is late, its grade will be penalized 10%.  After the test on that subject, it will no longer be accepted and it will be scored as a 0.





    Labs are due one week after they are completed unless it is a short lab, in which case it will be due the same day.


    While data will be shared within the lab group, all conclusions, graphs, and answers to questions must be done individually.


    Computers are always available in the library and in the labs.



    Contact me

    Room              307

    Phone:             (201) 327-8700 x610

    Email:              cliftonr@northernhighlands.org