Dear Class of 2020 Parents, 


    In preparation for the end of year Senior Dinner on Friday, June 19, we need a picture of your child from his/her baby or early years. This photo will be enlarged to 16 x 20 size and will decorate the cafeteria walls for fun as the students attempt to identify their classmates. 




    Please follow these guidelines for the photo:


    • All photos will be made into 16x20, vertical posters.

    • Please provide photos that are 4"x6" to 11"x14" in size. Choose photos that are clear. The larger the original photo, the sharper the poster will be. 

    • Old photos scanned at home and printed on a home printer do not reproduce well. Original photos provide the best results. 

    • Photos taken with a digital camera can be used, but will be rejected if the resolution is too low.

    • Photos can be black and white and enlarged accordingly.

    • Please put your child's name on the back of the photo. To mark the photo, use an address label on the back of the photo and write your child's name on it in Sanford Sharpie permanent marker. DO NOT use ball point pen or other felt tip inks as they do not completely dry and the ink can get on the face of the other photos. Also, if you use a pencil or ballpoint pen, it can make an impression on the photo, which can show when reproduced. Do not press hard on the photo when marking on the back, as it can show through to the other side. The best result will be to use an address label that has been printed with your name and address before you secure it to the photo. 

    • The original photo will be returned to your child at the conclusion of the Senior Dinner along with the poster.

    We are trying to keep this a SURPRISE so do not show your selection to your senior. Photos should be delivered to:


     Cheryl Post

      6 Brookview Court

    Ho Ho Kus, NJ  07423


    Or emailed to cwpost73@gmail.com