• What is an athletic trainer?


    Certified athletic trainers (ATCs) are medical experts in preventing, assessing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. ATCs strive to help athletes avoid unnecessary medical treatment and disruption of normal daily life.


    The American Medical Association recognizes athletic training as an allied health care profession, and recommends certified athletic trainers be in every high school to keep America’s youth safe and healthy. Specifically, the ATC specializes in six practice areas or domains — prevention; recognition, evaluation and assessment; immediate care; treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning; organization and administration; and professional development and responsibility. As part of a complete health care team, the ATC works under the direction of a licensed physician and in cooperation with other health care professionals, athletics administrators, coaches and parents. The ATC gets to know each person individually and can treat injuries more effectively.

    Certified athletic trainers have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree, usually in athletic training, health, physical education or exercise science. In addition, athletic trainers study human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, athletic training, nutrition and psychology/counseling. Certified athletic trainers also participate in extensive clinical affiliations with athletic teams under appropriate supervision.

    Certified athletic trainers have fulfilled the requirements for certification established by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification, Inc. (NATABOC). The certification examination administered by NATABOC consists of a written portion with multiple choice questions; a practical section that evaluates the skill components of the domains within athletic training; and a written simulation test, consisting of athletic training related situations designed to approximate real-life decision making. This last portion of the test evaluates athletic trainers' ability to resolve cases similar to those they might encounter in actual practice.

    In the State of New Jersey, ATCs are required to be licensed by the State Board of Medical Examiners. Additionally, ATCs employed by a high school must be certified by the NJ Board of Education as an “Athletic Trainer”.


    Athletic Training Services

    The Athletic Training Room is a co-educational facility in Northern Highlands where injured athletes can be evaluated and/or treated for their condition.
    Athletic Training Room hours


                            Monday – Friday 12 noon - end of competition or practice

                            Weekends dependent on game schedules


    Rehabilitation services


    The Athletic Training Room is equipped with ice, moist heat packs, whirlpool, electric stimulation and ultrasound machines, as well as various exercise devices. We have standing orders from our school physician to use these modalities under a minimal basis. Extended use of therapeutic modalities will require a prescription from your physician.


    Pre - Participation Exams


    A physical exam is needed for participation in a sport or any form of practice. Physical forms can be printed HERE. A physical is only valid for one calendar year. Forms X & Y need to be filled out completely for a student athlete to be cleared for participation.


Last Modified on May 18, 2018