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    Creative Writing I
    Creative Writing II and III 
    Successful Completion Will Earn You a Prize, a Spot in the LIT Mag Awards Page, and  a Free Lit Mag!
    All you  need to do is write a poem every day for the month of April, following the prompt assignments posted here.  Then on May 1st, before midnight, you need to send them to me electronically (to the above email address--DO NOT PRINT THEM ALL, AND DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME ONE AT A TIME--all in one document, with each poem labeled as to the day.  If you do this on time and the poems attempt to respond to the prompt (you can't just write whatever you want), you win!
    All poems submitted for the challenge are also entered in the Best Poem of April Contest--that winner recieves an extra prize, and is published in the Lit Mag!  
    Have fun--happy writing, and Happy National Poetry Month!
    April First Prompt:
    Write about a time you felt foolish--due to some fault of your own or what someone else did.  Use very specific descriptive language and details. Or write about the best April Fools joke you ever played or that was ever played by you.  Make this poem also about your feelings for another person--negative or not.  A good poem always has a second subject! 
    April Second Prompt: Write a poem about watching a sporting event, ( or when others were and you didn't care--or fictionalize) where your team lost--or your friend's team or your dad's team, etc.  But include something good that came out of it, and use the specific name of a breed of dog (can be in a figurative way of course, like, he was acting like a pit bull puppy).
    April Third Prompt: Write a poem that is a love letter to a part of your body you hate.  Genuinely find good things to say about it, though you can also apologize to it for neglect or for saying or thinking bad things about it.
    April Fourth Prompt:  Find a weird or funny real newspaper (online is OK) headline.  Use it as a title and write your own poem about it.  Name the newspaper and the date the story was published.
    April Fifth Prompt: donuts, plaid boxers, a candle, a salt shaker, and a lizard. Use one of these as a title and put the rest in the poem somehow. 
    April Sixth Prompt:  Write a poem about breakfast, but that is also about something specifically either mean or wonderful that someone else once did for/to you.  Be specific about food imagery and the story.
    April Seventh Prompt:  Write a poem which is a kind of specific and interesting list, and use one of these titles:  Things I Wish I didn't Know, Things That Make Me Laugh, or Things That Make Me Cry.
    April Eighth Prompt:  Write a poem where the speaker of the poem (perhaps this is you) is doing something very specific but ordinary (shopping for jeans, picking up acne medicine at CVS, getting slushies at 7-11, baby sitting your little brother, etc)with a very famous person--living or dead (Lincoln, Beyonce, Einstein, etc).
    April Ninth Prompt:  Write a poem which is either called "Home" or the name of a restaurant you frequent. Describe the atmosphere there, what is seen, heard, tasted, felt, smelled.  Describe who is with you and what they are doing and how the place makes you feel.  Perhaps it is on a particular occasion.
    April 10th Prompt:  Write a poem about watching a movie with someone and it's awkward--your mom walks in on a movie she shouldn't see you watching, it's with someone you like but don't know yet, you're angry with the person you're watching with, etc.  Say what the movie is, describe a certain scene.  Also describe something else--like what you see out the window, or in the seat in front of you, or in the room.  
    April 11 Prompt:  Write a poem that includes melting snow, an apple core, a mosquito and a specific item of jewelry or clothing--really specific, like, a faded denim jacket for a child, with two buttons missing and a hole in the elbow.
    April 12th Prompt: Write a poem which includes a specific cereal and a cartoon.  Make it take place when the speaker (you?) is little. Include a sibling or parent in a positive or negative way.
    April 13th Prompt: Write a poem called “I’m not a ______person”
    April 14th Prompt: Write a poem called either A Smart Girl, A Smart Boy, A Smart Person or a Smart kid. Include at least two colors and a specific pocket-sized object. 
    April 15th Prompt: Write a poem that begins :Come with me and I will show you—- and include specific sensory imagery-all five senses.
    April 16th Prompt: Write a poem with a moose, some coffee, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in it. 
    April 17th Prompt: Write a poem called “The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Day”
    April 18th Prompt: Write a poem about a bad habit in which you repeat an important word at least five times. 
    April 19th Prompt: Write a poem that either consists of one long sentence that is twelve lines or longer ( and yes of course you can use commas or semi colons or dashes) or a poem that consists entirely of questions and contains at least twelve questions. 
    April 20th Prompt: look out a window near you right now. What do you see? Describe it. Talk to something or someone out there. 
    April 21st Prompt: Write a poem about an odd or scary dream you had but don’t say it’s a dream. 
    April 22nd Prompt: Use the phrases “I’m sitting in,” “I cut my” and “I know that” somewhere in your poem. Try to make it about a specific place and time. 
    April 23rd Prompt: Write a poem about shopping which is actually also a love or hate poem for a particular person. Include specific stores or brand names and items. 
    April 24th Poem--3 Choices--Write a poem called "When life Sucks but You Go On Anyway," or "Wake Up America," or "The Broken Link."
    April 25th: Write a poem that rhymes and is about a very particular and specific article of clothing associated with a very special person
    April 26th:  Write a poem called "If I Only had One Minute."  Include a number, a name of a town or city, and a specific food.
    April 27th:  Write a poem in which you confess to one specific and involved thing, seriuosly or sarcastically, or write a list poem of confessions.  "I ate the last cookie.  I lied when you asked if you looked fat.  I actuallly hate you." Etc.  It's up to you how you feel about what you did--do you regret it, or not?
    April 28th:  Write a poem which includes three three specific kinds of flowers, a kind of insect, and either a hat or an item of jewelry. Make it about a time that you failed someone or they failed you. 
    April 29th: Write a poem called either "New Clothes," Caught," or "Chemistry" (titles courtesy of the poet Kate Ryan). Inclulde the words elephant, flesh, and cantalope.
    April 30th:  Write a poem about going on a field trip, and about a person you got to know on that trip.  Include vivid details about something or some things you saw on the trip.
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