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    Sadly, the Poem a Day challenge 2020 is over!
    Send me all of the poems IN ONE DOC by midnight tomorrow--May 1st.
    You must lable each poem by day, and prompts would be great too.
    I will read them all but will not be able to do individual comments on the poems.
    We usually have some kind of prize for the people who actually do them all--no guarantees this year, though I intend to try for prizes, but you will be announced as the winners and it's a great accomplishment. You will also be in the awards page in the lit mag and poems will be entered automatically into the Best Poem of April Contest. 
    These are not Free Writes--you must attempt to address the prompt/assignment each day to qualify to win the challenge--and winning the challenge is just writing all the poems! THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD--YOU JUST NEED TO ADDRESS THE ASSIGNMENT AND TRY YOUR BEST!
    Good Luck!
    April First Prompt:  Write a poem called "April Fool," maybe about an impossible April Fools Joke, or about an actual joke you once played and are either proud or ashamed of, or about a time you felt like an absolute fool, rightly or not, or about terrible jokes you or someone else frequently tells, or about a really collossal fool...
    April 2nd prompt:  Write a poem that talks about how it will be when we get to go back to the world. How the world could change.  Talk to the world, or talk to someone in particular, or to yourself.  Refer to at least three specific images from nature or from your neighborhood.
    April 3rd Prompt:  write a poem which has a robin, a cement truck and an ice cream cone in it.  The title should have the workd "Spring" in it--but not be cliche.
    April 4th Prompt: Write a poem that is titled: People Can Be_________. Include three specific colors. Make the lines very short, and make at least fourteen of them.
    April 5th Prompt:  Write a poem called The (color) (man or woman or child, etc.)  For instance "The Gray man."
    April 6th Prompt: Write a poem about an item of clothing belonging to a family member--My Mother's Shoes, My grandfather's Hat, etc.
    April 7th Prompt:  Write a poem about going on a walk.  Describe at least three things you see on the walk, and connect each one to a specific memory.
    April 8th Prompt:  Write a poem called "My Kind of Disaster."
    April 9th Prompt: Write a poem that includes these words: whiskers, grocery cart, dish towel, chicken or chickens.
    April 10th:  Write a poem about a time when you wanted to or did say something really awful to someone else.  Describe either what led up to it or what happened right after.  
    April 11th Prompt:  Write a poem called things I want, things that make me cry or laugh, or things that are full of (lol, try not to do the obvious here). This is a list poem. Make your items on the list very specific, some of them brief and some of them detailed. Put at least ten items on your list. Think about the order and especially what you lead with and end with. 
    April 12th prompt: Write a poem about an animal that reminds you of a person you know. Describe the animal in one stanza, then describe the person in the second. Do not say specifically that you are comparing them. Your title can hint. We should be able to tell. 
    April 13th Prompt:  Write a poem that includes a cat, a teapot, a pair of old sneakers, and a quarter. 
    April 14th Prompt: Write a poem whose title is "The Mountain People" and include three or more specific items from your kitchen. 
    April 15th Prompt:  Write a poem which borrows this title from Susan Browne (give her credit): "Duct Tape, Sleep, and Pretzels."
    april 16th:  Write a poem which is an ode to something no one would ever praise, like "Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate," by William Fargason.
    april 17th:  write a poem that starts with this line or uses it for a title:"It's Getting Late."
    april 18th: Write a poem called "Wild Me" or "After the Disaster."
    april 19th:  Write a poem that describes what you can see out of your window.  Make sure something else is also going on.
    april 20th: Write a poem that includes a dead animal, a dish towel, and a doll.
    april 21st:Write a poem in which you take on the voice and point of view of SOMEONE OR SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT FROM YOURSELF.
    april 22nd:  write a poem that HAS AS ITS TITLE: "Social Experiment in Which i am the ____________"
    april 23rd: write a poem about a crow, a squirrel, a vampire or werewolf and a ferris wheel.
    april 24th: Write a poem that CENTERS around a piece of furniture that is incredibly important.
    april 25th:  Write a poem which is shaped like what it is about.
    april 26th:  Write a poem which begins with this line:  He/she/they made me laugh when he/she/they imitated ________________"
    april 27th:  Write a poem that uses one of these New Yorker magazine titles:  "Out there" by Kate Folk, or "Beach Glass" by Robert Pinsky.  Give the authors credit.
    april 28th:  Write a poem called "It's Getting Late." Include an alligator (or the word), a pair of jeans, and a lime.
    april 29th:  Write a poem which includes a hamster, a sunset, and an antique.
    april 30th: Write a poem which is either called "The Ending" or "Last Day." Put a song in it, and a specific bird, and something you love and something you hate.  Don't say which is which.
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