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     I am leaving the prompts from the April Poem a Day challenge here, in case any of you are looking for writing ideas for the summer!
    April First Prompt:  Write about an impossible April Fools Joke, or about an actual joke you once played and are either proud or ashamed of, or about a time you felt like an absolute fool, rightly or not, or about terrible jokes you or someone else frequently tells.
    April 2nd prompt: write a poem which includes an animal and a betrayal or a promisej
    April 3rd Prompt: Use these words in a poem:  orangutan, moose, cement truck, baseball.
    April 4th Prompt: Write a poem that starts with : "I hate when people... or I love when people..."
    April 5th Prompt:  Write a poem that is titled: "Phantom Noise."
    April 6th Prompt: Write a poem about a moment when a sibling or cousin or parent really surprised you.
    April 7th Prompt:  Write a poem which has the first line:"Because it is Spring and everything in the world is..."
    April 8th Prompt:  Write a poem about a time you were lost but it turned out not to be a bad thing at all.  Make it up if you must, of course.  
    April 9th Prompt: Write a poem that includes an ex boy or girlfriend, a spider, and mentions a moose.
    April 10th:  Write a poem about a time when you were impossibly angry with someone but turned it around or learned you were wrong about them.
    April 11th Prompt:  Write a poem called "The Biography of a ______________" and make it an object, not a person.  Billy Collins wrote one called "The Biography of a Cloud."  
    April 12th prompt: Write a poem about a game you played that either led to something good or very bad.
    April 13th Prompt:  Write a poem that includes freckles, cigarettes and balloons, or just the mention of them somehow.
    April 14th Prompt: Write a poem whose title is a month ("August," or January," etc.) and include three or more specific items from nature along with a person who is aggravating you.
    April 15th Prompt:  Write a poem which remembers something from middle school or elementary school--a particular moment, in great detail.
    april 16th:  Write a poem which includes a baboon, a beetle, an apple, and a famous work of art.
    april 17th:  write a poem that starts with this line or uses it for a title:"Heavy Construction."
    april 18th: Write a poem called "Intensive Care in ____________________."  Make the blank a specific place.
    april 19th:  Write a poem that describes a cousin and something you did with that cousin that was scary or incredibly wonderful.
    april 20th: WRite a poem that includes a beach ball a tower and a taxi. USe at least three specific colors.
    april 21st:Write a poem in which you take on the voice and point of view of someone completely opposite of you--maybe even someone you hate.
    april 22nd:  write a poem that starts with this line:traffic is heavy in the _____________ today, but I ..."
    april 23rd: write a poem about the hardest thing you ever did/had to do. Include a flower and a specific drink. 
    april 24th: Write a poem that CENTERS around a specific fruit or vegetable. Connect the fruit or vegetable to a person somehow.  Describe the fruit or vegetable in very detailed terms--use some similes, etc.
    april 25th:  Write a poem which is shaped like what it is about--a concrete poem. 
    april 26th:  WRite a poem which begins with this line:  "In certain neighborhoods, the air is ..."  
    april 27th:  Write a poem that uses one of these Naomi Nye titles:  "Lights from Other Windows," "The Lost Parrot," or "What is Given, What is Not Given."
    april 28th:  The poet Mark Doty has a poem called "Brian Age 7."  It's about kids on a field trip and a particular boy who draws himself on the trip, calling his drawing Brian Age 7.  Write a poem which has a first name and "Age ____."  It can be about the person named and other things as well, but should somehow focus mostly on the person named. It could also be you, "Me Age 5," etc.
    april 29th:  Write a poem which includes a month of the year, a specific (described) tattoo, and a particular detail on a building that you know.
    april 30th: Write a poem about something ending.  Include the words marble, street light, and lily.
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