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For the 2024-2025 School Year we're going paperless! 

The Student Parking Form will be published to the Genesis Parent Portal for all members of the

Class of 2025 on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. 

Please complete the form by Wednesday, August 7, 2024.


  • Complete all the required fields in Genesis Student Parking Form published to the Parent Portal.
  • Read the regulations below.
  • The agreement must be digitally signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
  • If approved, a specific parking spot, which the student is required to park in, and corresponding decal will be assigned to your student.
  • Make arrangements to pick up the parking decal in the front lobby staring Monday, August 19 through Thursday, August 22, 2024 from 8:30AM to 11:30AM or 1:00PM to 3:00PM.
  • Affix the decal to your car for the first day of school. 


Licensed students are permitted to drive cars to school, subject to the following rules and restrictions. Any infraction of these regulations will result in disciplinary action and loss of parking privileges.


  1. All vehicles are to be parked in assigned spaces in either upper student parking lot (adjacent to the science wing), or the lower student lot (next to the lower softball field). Student spaces are outlined in white and are numbered. All other parking areas have yellow numbered spaces and are reserved for school personnel only.
  2. Only vehicles with proper parking decals will be permitted to park in assigned student spaces. Any vehicle parked in any lot without a decal will be considered unauthorized and will be ticketed, and may result in the loss of parking privileges. Illegally parked vehicles (e.g., parking in handicapped spaces, along curbs or fences, on sidewalks) are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.
  3. Parking decals must be affixed to the DRIVER’S SIDE REAR WINDOW
  4. Parking a vehicle at school is a privilege. Any student guilty of abusing this privilege by leaving school grounds during lunch periods or before the end of the school day without permission, or through reckless or disruptive use of the vehicle while on school grounds, will risk suspension and/or loss of the privilege. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to: speeding; entering or exiting the wrong way; transporting passengers in an unsafe manner (e.g., students hanging out car windows or riding on the outside of the vehicle); making unnecessary and/or excessive noise (e.g., sounding horns); moving a vehicle during the school day without authorization; and/or any form of vandalism.
  5. Students must adhere to the speed limit, which is 15 m.p.h.
  6. The administration reserves the right to suspend or remove parking privileges in accordance to school district needs (e.g., special events, municipal concerns, disciplinary action).
  7. Vehicles parked on school grounds are subject to search if school personnel have reasonable suspicion that school policy has been violated.