The government has given your scientific company that you work for $5.2 Bazillion to find out everything they can about the brain and the workings of the brain. The type of work needed will require a group effort in order to meet the deadline of 2 weeks. The presentations will need to be finalized at that time or the money will be spent on the competitors company.

The Task:

The Chief Commanding Officer (i.e.-teacher) of the company has assigned the team into 5 groups to expedite the research and development of the project. You will meet with the group you have been assigned to discuss strategies and develop a game plan, an organized plan of attack before research will begin. The 5 groups are as follows:

1.        ANATOMY SPECIALISTS-This group must give a detailed report on the "nuts and bolts" of the brain including the structures and physical makeup of the brain.
Specific Questions:
A. What are the lobes of the brain called?
B. What are the various parts of the brain called and what are their functions?

2.        NEUROSCIENTISTS- This group will investigate what the brain does and how it works. They will find out what words like "neuron" and "spinal cord" are and why they are important to the body.
Specific Questions:
A. What is a neuron and what is its function?
B. What is the spinal cord and what is its purpose/importance?

3.        INTERNAL DOCTORS- These fine white coated individuals are responsible for determining the various neurological disorders that can affect the brain and common treatments that are currently employed.
Specific Questions:
A. What are the specific neurological disorders seen associated with the brain?
B. What are the symptoms, causes, and treatments for them?

4.        PSYCHOLOGISTS- This mental evaluator team will find out the inner workings of the brain as it relates to things like memory, learning, and intelligence.
Specific Questions:
A. What section of the brain controls emotion, reason, creativity?
B. What area of the brain is responsible for memory, intelligence, and logical thinking?

  1. SPORTSMEDICINE SPECIALISTS- This crack group will be responsible to investigate 2 common problems with the brain: Concussions and a condition known as Second Impact Syndrome which happens an individual sustains another such injury before properly healed from the initial injury. They will define the problem and offer guidelines for treatment.
    Specific Questions:
    A. What do the terms Concussion and Second Impact Syndrome mean?
    B. What are the causes, symptoms, and treatment programs for each?


There are a number of resources that will help you in your quest for information on your topics.

  1. The following websites may be of help to you: