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Yearbook Overview

Northern Highlands Yearbook 

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All books must be pre-ordered if you would like a copy in June
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All orders must be received before Jan 19th.


The deadline to order a parent ad is December 1, with a final submission deadline of December 6.  This means that you must purchase the ad by 12/1 and have the ad completed and submitted by 12/6. Parent Ads are a section of the yearbook that contain a special message to your graduate and usually include photos and a message. The Parent Ads will now be ordered online, using the same site as the book ordering  We are offering a variety of ad sizes and packages for you to choose from, and you even have the option to order a book and ad package at the same time.  After you order your ad, you will be able to create your ad using the Balfour Ad Builder. We are no longer accepting ads mailed in, so please use the website to order and design the ad. Please watch this link for a brief tutorial on how to create your ad. 

For any questions related to Yearbook Parent/Business Ads, or Sales please contact: 

Mary Lardiere, Business Advisor
phone:  201-327-8700 ext. 389 (voice mail only)

For any questions related to Yearbook Photos/Portraits, or Sales please contact:   •

Doreen Albano, Yearbook Advisor
phone: 201-327-8700 ext. 414 (voice mail only)