Mr. Albanese - Grading Policy 2017-18
    All students who take and participate in Woodworking Courses are graded on the following 4 objectives:
    1.  Safety is the #1 concern of mine and the student.  Safety procedures must be followed not only to keep the student safe but the entire class. Safety glasses will be required to be worn at all times.
    2. Class behavior expectations for the class are discussed and reviewed several times throughout the course. Class behavior includes the student's ability to follow directions, pay attention during lectures and demonstrations , stay in the class throughout the period, and do not use computer unless it is class related. 
    3.Proper clean up of work areas and assigned areas will be graded.  
    4.Work ethic will extremely important in their final grade. The student's ability to apply what is taught on usage of all tools and machines will be an  important step to construct a QUALITY project. WORKMANSHIP will also factor into their effort grade.They WILL NOT be graded on the quantity but rather Quality. Wood shop is mainly a hands on class and all students work independently and at their own pace. Their effort grade will be what I observe on a daily basis and projects will be critiqued based  what each individual is capable of accomplishing and not comparing their work to others in the course.  You will receive a number grade for the above areas. An average will be calculated for the 4 areas. Your grade can be effected by getting a low number in just one area . You can receive an 95 in your woodworking, 75 in safety, 90 in behavior, and 80 in safety.Grade 85 B.
    Their Final Exam is a display of all woodworking projects they have constructed throughout the year. This display is held in the school's front lobby and serves as their final exam grade and a showcase for the rest of the school to observe. This requires bring projects back to school for 3 days. Getting the projects back by the parents is greatly appreciated. If the student drives it will then be his or her responsibly.                                                    
Last Modified on August 17, 2017