Joseph Hull
Sarah Lee


  • SENIOR: Anne Gosen

    Anne will be attending Elon University next year and studying communications. Her filmmaking career started here at Highlands when she was a freshman. She took digital media and learned all about the editing process and fell in love with film editing. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to take any film classes my sophomore year, but was able to jump back in her junior year. When she is not making films, she plays field hockey, hangs out with friends, and performs in NH theater. She was in the spring musical, Something Rotten, this past Fall, and recently in the spring play, This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing. She has always been passionate about theater and acting. Filmmaking just gave her the opportunity to see acting and theater from a different perspective.  Her film for the festival is currently untitled.

  • SOPHOMORE: Joseph Hull

    Joey's filmmaking career started with his freshman year in Digital Film Productions, where he learned the basics of how to operate a camera, how to shoot a movie, and different techniques to use. He loves being able to share his ideas through script writing and producing and looks forward to displaying his work at the upcoming film festival. Outside of film, Joey enjoys hanging out with friends, competing on the NH Fencing team, and playing guitar. He has always been willing to give something new a try. His film for the festival is a sequel to a film he made earlier this year and is named, "The Heist". 

  • JUNIOR: Sarah Lee

    In her sophomore year, Sarah began to make films when she took Digital Media. Although it was all virtual, she still enjoyed learning about camera techniques, movie editing, and Foley Sound Effects editing. She loves creating scripts and watching her fellow classmates’ films on screening days. She was not able to attend last year’s Film Festival, so this event will be "a new and nerve-wracking experience" for her. Outside of filming, Sarah spends most of her time sleeping after a long day of work and studying. She aspires to be a writer someday, and sees filmmaking as an important skill set and a hobby. The film she is currently working on is titled, “Four.”