Baby/Toddler Photo

  • Dear Senior Parents and/or Guardians;

    It’s time to submit your 2022 NHRHS graduate’s baby or toddler-aged picture. The photos will be used at the Senior Dinner held on Friday, Jun 10, 2022.

    Please upload the picture by April 20th. Thank you for your anticipated participation and support in this effort. 

    Vendors guidelines for submitting baby photos:   

    • Choose photos that are clear
    • If you are scanning a printed photo, please be sure to scan 4x6 at least 300 DPI (min) or 1200 DPI (preferred).
    • If you only have a hard copy and do not have the ability to scan, please drop off to: Tammy James, 2 Birch Ct. USR (prior to the deadline)
    • Photos taken of old photos using a smartphone generally do not reproduce well due to reflections of the glass frame & being shot on an angle. It is much better to remove the photo from the frame & provide it to us. We will then professionally scan it & return the photo unharmed. Even though editing on a phone can look very good it may not blow up well
    • If you are submitting a digital photo, the original uncropped unedited version should be sent in the largest file
    • Small low resolution files will not enlarge well
    • If we feel that the image will not blow up well we will ask for an alternative image

     Please click here to submit your photo.