• Actors' Workshop (I, II, III)
    Cultural Arts Center - Period 8
    outsiderecital  H2s
    Welcome to Actors' Workshop! Throughout the year, we will be doing a variety of theater activities-from theater games and improvisation, building a community and an ensemble, to script work developing characters from different theater genres, looking at some theater history, as well as practicing related theater skills and crafts. Cannot wait to work with all of you!! 
    SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR CLASS - A NARROW (1/2"-1")  3 RING BINDER= your acting portfolio!
    Certainly, take a bit of time this summer looking for scenes, monologues, scripts you LOVE and would enjoy performing! 
    Going forward, all course material (assignments, due dates, rubrics, handouts) will be available on my Canvas page.

    For those students interested in getting involved in extra-curricular activities next year, email me to get on our summer email list (rokoszakl@northernhighlands.org) stay tuned for updates about the following activities, which are planned as follows for next year.
    • 9th Grade One Act Plays (Sept.-Nov.) Mr. Leib
    • Improv Club (year-long)
    • Musical Production (Dec.-early March) Mr. Kiely, et al
    • THE SPRING PLAY (March-May) Mrs. Strang-Wolf
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