• Welcome to Freshman Seminar

    Freshman Seminar is a required multidisciplinary course for all ninth grade students. This course is designed to launch students’ high school education by introducing numerous literacies in a dynamic, complex, and interconnected world. Students will develop their reading and writing skills through comprehensive engagement with language conventions, vocabulary, and expressive techniques to communicate a message to a particular audience. Connected to writing and expression, students will apply understanding of technological applications to interpret, analyze, evaluate, and create information in different subjects using multiple media. This course will cultivate 21st century skills, such as inquiry, research, collaboration, problem solving, and citizenship through an interdisciplinary lens.

    Essential Supplies:

    • School supplied laptop (charged!) and charger
    • Activate Northern Highlands Student Google Account
    • Google Drive Filestream
    • Pens, Pencils, and a Notebook