• Section 504 Appeal Procedures 


    Contact information for the Section 504 Compliance Officer is as follows:

    Dr. Tony LaRocca

    298 Hillside Avenue

    Allendale, New Jersey 07401

    201-327-8700 ext. 501 (office)



    Appeal Process for a Denied Section 504

    If a parent/guardian or student is dissatisfied with the decisions of the Section 504/I&RS Team regarding the identification and evaluation for a student with a disability, then he/she may file a Section 504 Appeal within 30-days of the Section 504/I&RS Team’s decision by completing the Request for Section 504 Appeal form.  The form is obtained from and submitted to the NHRHS Section 504 Compliance Officer.  

    Appeal Process: 

    1. The NHRHS Section 504 Compliance Officer will conduct an adequate, reliable, and  impartial review of the complaint, which may include interviewing the complainant and select members of the Section 504/I&RS Team. The  NHRHS Section 504 Compliance Officer will provide notice to the parties in writing of the outcome of the complaint and the basis for the decision within thirty (30) days of receipt of complaint, excluding extenuating circumstances.  
    2. Should the investigation show that prohibited actions occurred then NHRHS will take  steps to prevent the recurrence of any prohibited actions and to correct its discriminatory  effects on the complainant and others, if appropriate.  

    Complaints to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) 

    This procedure does not deny the right of the parent/guardian or student to file a formal  complaint with the Office for Civil Rights if the parent believes that the school system has  committed a violation that falls under the jurisdiction of that office. The Office for Civil Rights  is an investigatory office of the United States Department of Education, and it handles Section  504 complaints separately and independently of the local hearing process, and in accordance  with the guidelines set forth in OCR’s Complaint Resolution Manual. 

    Complaints to the Office for Civil Rights may be sent to: 

    Region II

    New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

    Office for Civil Rights, Region II 

    U.S. Department of Education 

    26 Federal Plaza

    33rd Floor, Room 33-130, 02-1010

    New York, NY  10278-0082

    212-264-4633    TD 212-264-9464