• Section 504/I&RS Team Members and Meeting Procedures 


    Section 504/I&RS Team Members 

    Membership of Section 504/I&RS teams can be flexible. Membership may vary based on the purpose  of the meeting and the impairment under consideration. For each Section 504/I&RS Team meeting, the  following participants are required: 

    • Person(s) knowledgeable about the student  

    This may include a general educator but does not require the presence of one. Any  NHRHS staff member of the school who has sufficient interaction with the student to  actively participate in the Section 504/I&RS Team meeting may meet this requirement. 

    • Person(s) knowledgeable about the evaluation data  

    This includes a professional who administered the assessment or a professional who is  qualified to interpret the assessment. For example, the school nurse, occupational therapist, or physical therapist would be a required member when a physical or medical impairment is being considered. The school psychologist or school social worker would be a required  member when a mental or emotional impairment is being considered. 

    • Person(s) knowledgeable about accommodations, related services, and service delivery  options  

    This may be a guidance counselor, school psychologist, or school social worker or other person who has  experience in creating Section 504 Plans. 

    • The school Section 504 Coordinator, if appropriate 
    • The assigned Section 504 case manager 
    • A parent/guardian (must be invited to every Initial Evaluation meeting)
    • The student, if the student is 14 years or older (Note: There is no requirement for the student to attend in order for the meeting to take place, but it is extremely important for the student to be a part of the process) 

    NHRHS staff members can fulfill multiple roles if they meet the requirements of each role. For  example, a student’s case manager will also be the guidance counselor. Other school-based NHRHS staff members may attend  if the Section 504 Coordinator believes they may contribute to the process. Central Office staff may attend if necessary and appropriate to provide guidance and/or assistance to the team. Parents may invite a reasonable number of individuals knowledgeable  about their child; prior notice must be given of who will be attending with the parents.