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Welcome to Science Fiction and Fantasy with Mr. Stephens

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    2021-22 Syllabus & Grading Policy

    When we think science-fiction and fantasy, what do we imagine? Androids? Elves? A boy with a scar and immense magical power? These are all important narrative elements of the genres, but more deeply, science fiction and fantasy engage the fundamental questions of human existence: morality, ethics, and the purpose and meaning of life. This course will focus on the genres as literature, considering the rhetorical methods that authors use to relate their visions, but students will also study the social, scientific, and philosophical underpinnings of some of the major works of fiction, film, and television. Possible works for consideration are The War of the Worlds; I, Robot; The Golden Compass; The Dark is Rising; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; The Fellowship of the Ring; Neuromancer; The Dark Knight; Firefly; and Dr. Who