• Mr. Patel

    Applied Technology Department


    ext. 756

     Room 300

      "Your attitude determines your direction"






    • Regular Pencil

    • Charged Stylus 

    • Charged or USB-C Computer Mouse (you must have your own mouse or you will not be able to complete CAD assignments, I will not help you if you do not have your own mouse.) 

    • AutoCAD software updated and working

    • Google Drive 

    • Tablet Computer with Charger


    Optional but encouraged: 

    • Bring your own safety glasses on lab days
    • Thin Work Gloves Like these-  they must be like these or with the same material specifications. DO NOT BRING IN LEATHER or THICK GLOVES--they are counter effcient to our safety needs.  



    Extra Help 

    Monday- 7-7:30am in the Library 

    Tuesday- 3-4:30pm in the Library 

    Thursday- 3-3:30pm in room 300

    Please email me or send me a google calendar request that indicates what assignment you need extra help with and the approximate amount of time you need help.  


    Assignment Submission and Due Dates:

    Due dates and times are posted on Canvas. Please Inform me of difficult or special circumstances through email.

    If you get lower than 60% on an assignment you can redo it once for a maximum regrade of 90%.