Entrepreneurs are the Backbone of our Economy!

  • This course focuses on identifying a new product or service to meet a market need or want. You will start a business, conduct market research, design a marketing strategy, plan financing needs, and articulate growth potential of the business opportunity. Entrepreneurship prepares students to develop an innovative idea, conduct a feasibility analysis, and write an effective business plan.

    ~ Come find out if you are an entrepreneur! ~


    You will be expected to participate in a variety of activities including lectures, formal discussions and presentations, role-playing, guest speakers, and both group and independent assignments/projects. All students are expected to organize and maintain class materials in a folder or a single-subject binder or a binder section for this course, based on their preference and organizational style. Regardless of organization preference, the following materials are to be brought to each class:

    • Notebook and folder
    • Charged device
    • Headphones
    • Basic calculator – you will NOT be permitted to use your cell phone as a calculator
    • Pen and/or pencil
    ~ There is no textbook for this class.~
Are you an entrepreneur?