I PLEDGE TO...

    • Educate myself about the various stigmas in society and learn how negative perceptions and attitudes can affect people. Share my findings with others.
    • Be open to talk about and learn about the facts about societal stigma, particularly the stigma of mental illness.
    • Make a strong public commitment to live the values of respect and inclusion for all people with differences such as mental illness, physical and developmental disabilities, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or religion. Avoid language that puts someone down because of differences.
    • Remind my peers that name-calling and bullying are “not OK at our school or anywhere else.” Stand up to for people who are being targeted by bullies by creating and enforcing a Stigma-Free environment.
    • Think about my response to daily situations and “check” my attitude where I may initially judge someone who faces stigma in daily life.


    We took the pledge.

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