• A busy street in early America.

    2021-22 Syllabus & Grading Policy

    Welcome to Honors American Literature! This course is focused primarily on your role as a reader, even if you may  not think of yourself as a reader just yet. With a focus on American writing in a variety of forms (including short  fiction, essays, articles, and novels), we’ll be working together to develop the skills that make reading an engaging and rewarding activity for ourselves as individuals, and members of a community of readers. By the end of the year, you  may find that you enjoy reading more than you even thought possible!


    • (1) Notebook or Binder, whichever you find keeps you better organized.
    • At least (1) Pencil
    • (2) Pens, one in blue or black ink and one in another color for editing.
    • (1) Folder - Again, find what works for you. For example, you could use a standalone folder, or the pockets in your binder, either way it should be dedicated to this course. 

    Recommended (but not required):

    • Page tabs or sticky notes - These are great for active reading and annotating.
    • Highlighter(s)