• Course Expectations and Grading Policy                 Ms. Caryn Schanstine

    Pre Calculus (12)                                            schanstinc@northernhighlands.org

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    Course Overview:

     We will explore the following units of study:

    • General Functions
    • Polynomial Functions
    • Trigonometry and Trigonometric Functions
    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Intro to Sequences & Series


    A final exam will be given at the end of the year.

    Exemption information can be found in the Student/Parent handbook.


    Required Materials:

    • Charged Surfaces
    • Notes/HW may be done on ONE NOTE and save to google drive
    • If not using ONE NOTE, then a 3 ring binder required(optional) Loose-leaf paper, Graph Paper AND 6” Ruler(Straight Edge)
    • Pencils
    • Graphing Calculators and Scientific Calculators - Ti84(preferred) or TiNSPIRE are acceptable as well as the TI 30xIIS for a scientific calculator
    • Textbooks will be provided upon request and available in the classroom


    Class Expectations:

    • Be on time and be prepared for class with required materials.
    • Daily use of CANVAS for class assignments/notes as well as homework.
    • Keep an organized notebook (one note is acceptable).
    • If you prefer hard copies of guided notes, please print copies prior to class.
    • Correct and review your homework (solution sets will be given via CANVAS).
    • Class attendance. (It is critical to be present in order to take notes, practice problems and review for tests and quizzes)
    • As per school policy, no cell phones should be in use during class.
    • I expect positive participation – ask questions and participate in homework correction, class discussions and activities.


    Assessment Plan:

    We will have various forms of assessments that will give you opportunities to reflect and improve on your learning. These can include warm-ups, online forums and class/group activities. Homework will reinforce content and class discussions and will be in the form of practice problems, applications, short videos, desmos and calculator activities. Quizzes and unit exams will not only assess skills and content, but also include open-ended and application problems. All unit exams will be announced several days in advance.  Some assessments and activities will require the use of your device.



     Grades are based on a points system.

                            Unit Assessments:         50 – 100 points each (1 – 2 per unit of study)

                            Quizzes:                       20 – 60 points each (1 – 3 per unit of study)

                            Class Activities:            5 – 25 points each

                            Homework:                 2 points per assignment


    Unit Exams and Quizzes:

    • All quizzes and tests must be completed within allotted time period.
    • There will not be additional attempts for quizzes and tests.
    • Review problems will be provided for unit exams and posted on CANVAS.


    Homework Expectations:

    • Homework will be assigned several times a week.
    • Homework will be posted in class and on CANVAS via the assignment page.
    • I expect homework to be submitted via CANVAS 15 minutes prior to the start of the class period it is due. At this time, the assignment will be closed.
    • Be sure to include all work for each problem.
    • Incomplete or missing homework will be penalized.
    • The assignment will be reopened once class has taken place. Late assignments can be submitted for ½ credit only within one day of when it was due.
    • Only submitted homework will receive the solution set via CANVAS.
    • Collected homework will be announced ahead of time and will be checked for correctness. It will be worth more than a daily checked homework.


    Extra Help: 

    •  At this time, extra help is available virtually on Zoom.  I will be available from 2-3:15 on Tuesday through Friday.  Please email prior to attending and you should try to attend the day of your morning or afternoon rotation.  I understand you may want help on the other rotation days, just email me and I am sure it will not be an issue.



    • You are responsible for all missed work!
    • Check CANVAS for information regarding notes, handouts, homework and upcoming assessments.
    • You should submit homework when you are absent via CANVAS.
    • If you miss a quiz or a test, you will be expected to make it up the next class period. (Also, missing a review day, check CANVAS, you will be expected to take the assessment)
    • If you know you will be absent, especially due to a school event, see me ahead of time for the notes, handouts and any assignments.


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