• Hello,

    Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition!

    For this course you are going to need the following:

    • your charged device every day
    • a method of organizing handouts and taking notes--you can use the method that works best for you, e.g. a dedicated binder, a notebook and folder. You will be able to take notes on your Surface, however, you still need somewhere to store documents that are not digital. 
    • pens of several different colors
    • highlighters
    • post-its
    • an open mind
    • curiosity
    • time set aside in your busy schedule to read, both for AP Lit and for fun
    • empathy

    If you come to school on the first day with all of those, you will be in good shape!

    Please make sure you read the entirety of the summer assignment early to make sure you are clear on all instructions. 

    If you have any questions about any of the books or the course, I will be checking my e-mail (kielyj@northernhighlands.org) from time to time.

    Have a wonderful summer.

    Enjoy your reading!